Sunday, December 2, 2007

Life is a rollar coaster

Swathi Nanduri

Life is a Roller coaster

It spins you around sometimes it plunges you to the ground.

It thrills as it spins. It causes laughter and sometime tears.

Some freak out about it others just relax and enjoy it.

Sometimes it even gives you the chills, because of all those thrills.

It is unexpected and you never know what is after the loop.

Sometimes it stops right on the tracks or when you’re upside down.

Life is a rollarcoaster…

Is this in the correct way of writing an extended metaphor?...
What did you like the most about it?...


Michele L. said...

1. Yes your doing a good job comparing life and rollercoasters.

2. I thought it was a good choice of comparison and was interesting.

3. What part of life are you comparing it to when you say a roller coasters stops on the tracks?

4. What kind of person are you when you ride rollercoasters?

Reena Patel said...

1. Yes you focus on comparing life as a rollercaster throughtout the entire poem.

2. I like how life is unexpected and compared it to a rollercoaster and how some people freak out about it while others enjoy it. This is so true. Nice comparisons.

1) How did you come up with this comparison?

2) How so you feel about roller coasters and is that the way you view life?

Rosey said...

1. Yes it's the right way to do an extended metaphor.

2. I like how you say "it causes laughter and sometime tears". That's a good line in comparison of life.