Thursday, May 15, 2008

a simple soul

In the painting Morning Sun, the woman appears to be content in her present state next to the window. Her profile dosen't convey any definite feeling and she seems to be apathetic completely. One cant help but to infer that she enjoys moment as she looks relaxed and peaceful. The man in the piece Sunday also appears to be in a tranquil state.
In both "A Clean, Well Lighted Place" and "Soldier's Home," The old man drinking and the soldier both establish a place they enjoy. In "Soldier's Home," Hemingway describes Kreb's place of contentment as this, "He became bored and then walking down through the town to spend the hottest hours of the day in the cool dark of the pool room" (Hemingway 1). In "A Clean Well-Lighted Place" he conveys the same message when mentioning the significance of the cafe to the old man, "It is the light of course but it is necessary that the place be clean and light" (Hemingway 9). The nothingness one's soul desires can be found in the simplicity of the heart and is different for each individual. An old man sitting on the street may enjoy the nothingness while the young woman enjoys the state of nothing in her bedroom. Age has nothing to do with the desire to disconnect oneself from the world. The old man in the the first story hides from his troubles when they seem to be an immense burden while Krebs seeks joy in the pool house when the "heat" of the world feels too strong. Hemingway attempts to show the diversity in the way people "nothingness" participates in people's lives.

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