Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Further Instructions

Hi, folks. To clarify tonight's conversational analysis, here's the deal.
1. Read the NY times articles actively.
2. Write a 1-3 page conversational response to The Declaration of Sentiments. Analyze the piece by comparing the writing/style/purpose with The Declaration of Independence or the two pieces from the NY times. (If you choose this option, you're more likely to concentrate on the 'kairos' or relevance of The Declaration of Sentiments today and compare/contrast the purposes & strategies of each piece.) If you focus on the Declaration, your discussion might include an analysis of the pieces similarities and the purposes/effects of such, considering audience and argument strategies.

Of course, these are just suggestions. Enjoy.

Other reminders:
Friday: contest submission due
Saturday: If I can get it finished, you will have a [fun and esay] online form submission
Monday: REvision and developed PAPA due and WRITERS WEEK SUBMISSION DUE
Tuesday: self-graded AP prompt

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