Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Huck Finn

Lauren Pusateri

I believe 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' should be taught in high school. One reason it that this is the only book I've actually enjoyed reading. It's one of the only 'classics' with action and adventure in it. Plus, it is written in an unusual way with vernacular, which exposes students to different styles of writing. If the only argument people come up with to not read the book is the use of the n-word and Huck 'scratches himself', then that's ridiculous. Students are exposed to these things on a regular basis. This is no reason to keep students from reading an American classic. David Bradly gives some good points in the film about Huck Finn's advisory and why it is wrong to ban it. He notes that this novel is simply and 'buddy novel' and often considered anti-slavery. If a school is torn apart by the ideas over a simple adventure book, then it should get ditched. But one parent shouldn't imposes his or her beliefs upon a whole school. In the movie parents and teachers seemed to get worked up over this novel because of the n-word. Although, in some cases this word can be used to be offending, students have heard much worse in their every day lives.

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