Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Huckleberry Finn

I think that "Huck Finn" should be taught in schools. If some of the people that read this book and say that it is a racist book need to ask a certain question. Those who are offended by the fact that the "n" word is used in this book should ask the question, was Mark Twain a racist? THis should allow the reader some insight into the perspective in this book. The purpose of this book is to be realistic, and to display in vivid REALISM what really happened back then and how blacks used to be treated. If african americans are offended so much by this book then maybe they should simply explain the circumstances to their teacher. For everyone else that is reading this book it allows the audience a good perspective into the southern lifestyle. If you were to walk down the halls of Fremd today and listen closely to the surrounding conversations, you will find that black people often refer to each other by the "n" word. If not in our school then definitely in down town chicago. As for the mother, Kathy Monterio, if her only argument against this wonderful american classic is that it uses bad language, then she needs to come back with an argument that is a little more substantial than "He says the N word!" David Bradley, the awesome dude with the beard, provided a well placed argument to why Huckleberry Finn SHOULD be taught in schools. Mark Twain did not sit down in his nice little hut and decided, Hm I'm going to write a book about a slave during the pre-civil war era and use the "n" word as many times as possible just to see how mad I can get them. Mark Twain sat down and wrote a literary classic that satirizes the hypocrisy and government of those times. Lastly, as the book continues on Twain develops the character of Jim to show the humanity in the book and that Jim carers for Huck and that Huck soon realizes that Jim is a human just like him no matter what color he is. Huckleberry Finn should absolutely be taught in public high schools because this book is a classic and there are more morals deep within the plot that have yet to be discovered-besides the "N" word.

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