Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sin is one of the major themes in The Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and as a product of sin, Pearl symbolizes and represents evil that exists within society.

I believe Pearl symbolizes evil for a few different reasons 1. the relationships she has with others 2. Hawthorne's use of symbolism throughout the novel 3. The diction Hawthorne uses when talking about Pearl 4. the actions and words that Pearl uses

I also think that because of the situation Pearl lived and grew up with in a puritan society has led her to take on her role of "the product of sin" and pushed her to represent evil rather than the innocence of a child.

Is there anyway I can incorporate some of this into my thesis? I'm terrible at putting a lot of information into 1 tiny sentence.


Evan Syverson said...

I liked your thesis, but your ideas still need to be hammered out and reformatted to appear more cohesive and interrelated.

robert kramer said...

The idea is good and encompasses a great deal, and I think a good one setnece summary would be this:
Due to her upbringing in a Puritan society, Pearl becomes the character that symbolizes evil as Hawthorne saw it.

gina lee said...

You have a great topic for your paper, but I think you need to focus on improving the wording of your thesis. It seems like you're just stating a fact instead of trying to open the eyes of your readers.