Sunday, March 2, 2008

Writer's Week XIV

Writer's week is so awesome. Many of the writers that attended this years event were just great. Mary Fons is and has always been my personal favorite since freshmen year. I really enjoy listening to hear poems because they are just so real. There was one instance in one of her pieces where she said, " Prisoners die for things they won't admit" that really got me. I will also admit that i really do not understand what she meant by this but all I know is that this line kept on repeating itself in my head for the rest of the day. By the way if anyone wants to comment of their ideas of what this passage might have meant or what it means to you, then please post a comment on this post. I must say though that Bill Kelly was more or less pathetic. I think that others in our class will back me up on this because the guy did not really do anything. Besides the fact that all he did was answer questions he really didn't present us with anything. I was really looking forward to him possibly reading a piece from his script that is in progress or something to that effect. On anther note, Billy Lombardo is amazing! I was flattened by how dark and dismal his pieces were because he mentioned multiple times that his life was very happy and nothing like this. I really wanted to know where he got his inspiration from. I know that someone asked him and he said that it was because he doesn't have to deal with this stuff in real life so he writes about it but for some reason I don't believe him. To inspire a person to write such dark and depressing stories, one would think that something happened to them earlier on in life that they have since carried with them. In the story about the boy who lost his father's keys he said, " If a dad could choose which memory a boy could keep''. This made me think a lot about how even though many of us have a good stock of happy memories with which we can keep our minds occupied, our thought seem to still dwell on the bad memories of something that may not be so significant, but the fact of the matter i that those small moments in time seem to always linger in our thoughts. I had the pleasure to see Mr. Tony Romano also. He's just great, although I haven't had the opportunity to read his book yet, the second i get some free time I plan on picking up a copy. Seeing as Tennis season has just started I seriously doubt that I will get a chance until summer vacation to read a good book on my own free time. Last but certainly not least Marc Smith, the greatest of them all. Right off the bat he said something that inspired me. " Don't wait until you are old, if you feel something inside of you that you have to do, your not making it up". This quote really impacted me because basically I feel that Marc is saying if you want something and it is in your heart, even if in your mind you doubt yourself, it is what you truly want and your not simply cheating your mind to make you think that you want it. Marc's presentation this year was by far the most intriguing and involving of the bunch. There were many memorable quotes such as "I am for the little guy" and others that I have yet to contemplate in my mind. Overall writer's week is great and at the same time we juniors face a very dismal prospect of only having one W.W. left to go. Great now I'm becoming depressed, time to go work on other homework. Anyway these guys that present their stuff to us and pour out their inner selves, I just can't fathom what it must be like. I am already looking forward to next year, let us hope that Writer's Week of 2009 will blow all of the others out of the water!!!

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