Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Writer's Week Response

Writers Week was phenomenal as always. It has never let me down yet. The funniest piece I’ve seen this past week was the Speed Dating by Scott Waldman. There were lines in there such as when the girls sang “So many questions I have to ask, give me the right answer if you want to last.” They wanted to know about the guys on a deeper level, while the boys simply sang out, “Will you sleep with me?” This was hilarious because it has truth behind it, and it was said so bluntly.
The most inspirational thing I heard was when Daphne Willis and Company sang her heart out. She had come from Fremd High School, which proves to me that people we know can follow their dreams if they set their mind to it. Her voice was soothing, yet upbeat, and I thought it was adorable when the guitarists swayed back and forth followed by a spin during the “Yellow Dress.” After hearing this music, I couldn’t resist. I had to buy her CD. After listening to it multiple times through, not only did I like the rhythm and beat, but her lyrics spoke the truth. One of the songs I listened to that wasn’t at writers week, had a line in it that said, “The one thing you don’t need to fear is fear.” Her music was the greatest thing I heard this week.
Another inspirational speaker was Marc Smiths. He is definitely someone I won’t forget. He made such a mark in the art history by creating the poetry slam. He may be a bit on the older side, but he still has so much spunk in him and he even walked up a wall! As a healthy young teenager, I wouldn’t even do that. So it shows me that he has guts and that poetry not only speaks to him, but he finds a way to make it speak to us. This wasn’t a poem Smiths read, but while he was simply telling us about himself, he said “If you feel there’s a destiny inside of you, you know what? There is!” After hearing him speak, I was motivated to talk to him afterward. He told me and a few others standing near me that if you ever feel motivated to do something, go for it. It’s not just our imaginations, but there really is a destiny out there made just for us. All in all, this writers week was one of a kind, that makes Fremd a unique school for the effort it puts in to making this happen for all of us.

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