Monday, March 3, 2008

Writer's Week

Writer’s Week this year was overall an amazing experience. I was able to learn and enjoy the performances of a diverse group of talented writers, including novelists, poets, screenwriters, playwriters, songwriters and student writers. This year I was able to view the performances of Regie Gibson, Bill Kelly, Billy Lombardo, Scott Woldman & Company, Laura Van Prooyen, Daphne Willis & Company, Marc Smith and some of our very own Fremd students. Each writer brought something unique to the stage and was entertaining.

I really enjoyed the poetry of Marc Smith. While I never found the opportunity to see him perform during the past years he appeared at Fremd, I was delighted to be able to see him perform this year. For a man of his age, I admire his courage to be able to walk up the wall, while concentrating on his poetry as well. The fact that he also has about 350 poems memorized as of now and that his goal is to memorize about 1000 poems before he dies, astonishes me. It is hard to see him as a shy person, because on stage his outgoing personality radiates. I also thought the way in which he got his audience involved in the poems, such as the El Train Poem, in which he has audience members act on stage and make sound effects, made his poem more interesting. I learned more about the poetry slam itself. For instance, I learned that if a poet makes a sexist comment, that gender hisses at the poet. Marc Smith performed with attitude and enthusiasm, in which you could tell he was enjoying what he was doing.

I also enjoyed the performances by Scott Woldman & Company and Daphne Willis & Company. They were both interesting and enjoyable to watch. I thought that Scott Woldman’s play was hilarious, yet realistic. The song I found the most hilarious, was the song in which all the women were asking important questions about the future and the men asked only one question-Will you sleep with me? All nine actors were both musically talented and talented actors. I think that their three and a half hour rehearsals and practices five days a week really showed on the stage. Each performer played their character well and kept the performance lively. Daphne Willis and Company was also musically talented. Each member of the band brought the best in the band. I find it very hard to be able to compose music and lyrics. It always astonishes me how people can produce such good lyrics and be able to share it with the world. Both of these performances kept me interested.

I was glad that Bill Kelly was able to come to Writer’s Week. I have seen both Enchanted and Premonition and thought they were fantastic movies. Kelly stated, “ It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, try what you want to do even if it seems impossible.” I agree with this statement. I believe that if you want to do something, you should at least try to achieve it. Bill Kelly said that it wasn’t about how many people watched the move or the money he receives, but the fact that he wrote it and enjoyed writing it. I think this is great. He has a job which he loves to do. I found it interesting to learn about screenplay, since it was a topic I knew little about. I learned how they must sell copyrights of their movie and how a writer can be hired to rewrite other writer’s stories. Bill Kelly was enjoyable to listen to, especially with his constant “Hiya” when responding to a question.

While some students take advantage of Writer’s Week as a week of not having to attend English classes, I find that there is much more to Writer’s Week. We have a great opportunity here at Fremd to experience the writing of many talented writers. Not only did I enjoy their performances, but was astonished by their commitment to writing and fascinated by what inspired them to write what they wrote and pursue a career in it. Writer’s Week this year was phenomenal and truly a great experience.

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