Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ex10ded meta4

love is an upside down book written backwards
the words are illegible, but exist
which men have spent lives trying to decode
Many people can't see that love has been lost in translation
because the act of love is getting lost in translation
But most people are too proud to love
And consider the book to be meager
just to cover up the inadequacies
that plague their silly little lives
But to those who still believe
may find at the end of the book
that their lives succeed
and that even the poorest of men
may be draped in the robes of a king
and may find their pockets full the kind of currency
that you can take with you
yes, love is a very real thing


Michele L. said...

ok well i dont know your questions but its a good metaphor.

?1. Does the beginning of the metaphor describe the same meaning as the end of the metaphor? It seems like at first its illegible and then its understood.

?2. Is the last sentence your meaning to the metaphor?

otherwise great job!

Reena Patel said...

Post your qusetions!!

I like your comparison. It is creative!!

1) How does the last line support your comparison?

2) How did you choose this comparsion?