Thursday, November 29, 2007

Extended Metaphor

Extended Metaphor-Lauren Pusateri

Life is a fake Christmas tree
You only get one shot to pick it out because it's pricey
You can pick the easy way out by ordering a pre-lite tree
or you can put in a hard days work and achieve it yourself.
It is always full of random things
ugly, sparkly, or just plain stupid.
It can be tall, big or small
Depending on how you like to flaunt it.
Some years it may look better then others,
It may not shine like the past,
But you should never lose hope in it.

It's always a hassle to put together,
But once it's complete, it's a beautiful thing.

Which example do you think was the closest to life?

What should i change about my metaphor?

If i had the opportunity to change my metaphor, I think one thing that would make it more enjoyable is the length. After having people comment about it, I realize that it would have been to my benefit to elaborate on the silly metaphor. I would also add it person experiances with the tree relating to mishaps in life. For example, Someone could knock over your tree at any time, and in life people can take things away from you at anytime.


Jennifer Lee said...

1) I thought the "depending on how you flaunt it" was the closest example to life 'cause one's perception of life definitely dictates how others perceive that person. Well done yo :]
2) What you have is good, so probably just extending and continuing your ideas would be good :D

1) What are some other ways fake Christmas trees relate to life?
2) What other things can life be related to and how are they different from your Christmas tree metaphor?

colleen said...

1.) I really liked the example about it may not shine like the past, but you should never lose hope in it. To me, those lines were most effective.
2.) I think your metaphor is very true and creative. Maybe elaborate a little more?

1.) What are some "random things" that are literally on YOUR Christmas tree?
2.) What are some personal experiences where your life relates to a Christmas tree?